Ethical Values

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Ethical Values

HONESTY. We try to be truthful in all of our dealings and not to deliberately mislead or deceive others through misrepresentation, exaggeration or through selective omissions

INTEGRITY. We try to demonstrate corporate and personal integrity and to have the courage to do what is right even in adversity and under no circumstances will we compromise our principles to achieve a short cut to success

TRUSTWORTHINESS. Our aim is to be worthy of trust by all. We are forthright in supplying necessary information and in correcting misunderstandings of the facts. We make all reasonable efforts to fulfil the letter and spirit of the promises and commitments that we enter into. We try not to interpret agreements in a highly technical or legalistic way in order to excuse non-compliance or create justifications for escaping our commitments

LOYALTY. We endeavour to be worthy of trust of our clients, our staff and the wider public and thus to earn their loyalty. We in turn are loyal to organisations and to individuals even in adversity. We respect the confidences and intellectual property of our clients, suppliers, employees and previous employees and we do not engage in any activities that take undue advantage of any confidential information that we become aware of

FAIRNESS. We try to be fair and just in all of our activities and not to use undue means to gain an advantage over other organisations – especially ones that are experiencing problems. We seek to uphold a commitment to equality and tolerance, we embrace diversity, we try to be non-judgemental and we accept being held to account where we are wrong

EMPATHY. We seek to have empathy for others and to display compassion for those in need. We seek to accomplish our business goals in a way that minimises adverse effects on others and maximises positive outcomes for the people we deal with. We seek to achieve and maintain high staff morale for ethical reasons and also to promote corporate effectiveness.

RESPECT. We endeavour to show respect for the dignity, autonomy, privacy and personal and property rights of all those who have a stake in our decisions. We try to always be courteous and to treat everyone with an equal level of respect whatever their sex, sexual orientation, race, colour, culture or ethnic origin


LAW ABIDING. We seek to abide by all laws, rules and regulations relevant to our business activities and to make sure that we seek proper advice wherever necessary to allow us to maintain compliance with the prevailing legal framework in which we operate

PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE. We have a culture of seeking excellence in our activities and we are receptive to new ways of undertaking our work to increase quality, productivity and the minimisation of waste. We seek to be cognizant about the technical details of the processes, technology, environmental and human factors involved in our activities and we seek to constantly to increase our capability across all of our business areas

LEADERSHIP. Given our ethical stance we are aware of our responsibilities as individuals and at a corporate level to always act as positive role models and thus to assist in creating and upholding an environment in which principled and ethical corporate decision making is the norm

REPUTATION We seek to build Crestra’s good by not engaging in conduct that might bring the company into disrepute and by expediting any necessary actions to prevent, redress, ameliorate or make amends for and inappropriate conduct of our staff or others that work on our behalf

ACCOUNTABILITY. We fully acknowledge and accept personal and corporate accountability for the ethics of our actions and we welcome criticism or challenge as a means by which we can learn and ensure that we do not repeat mistakes and, where appropriate, we can change our positions and beliefs