Care & Maintenance

Built to stand the test of time

Beautiful Sheds

Care and Maintenance

Beautiful Sheds are built to last and stand the test of time. Each step of the manufacturing process is carried out by our skilled craftsmen at our workshop based at The Willow Works in Beckingham.

Your Beautiful Shed is guaranteed against structural and design defect for 3 years from the date of installation (this does not cover general wear and tear, vandalism, misuse and force majeure).

From time to time, your Beautiful shed will require a little maintenance to ensure that it remains in excellent condition. We have included a list of recommendations below:

  • Remove debris from around the base regularly to ensure that there is continued airflow, which will help prevent a build-up of damp. This is particularly important during the winter months.
  • Oil all locks handle and hinges to avoid these seizing up if the shed is not in regular use.
  • Lighter coloured Beautiful Sheds will look weathered more quickly so we advise that you touch up the paintwork accordingly.
  • The wood preservative treatment will require recoating at least once every two years.
  • If mould appears on your Beautiful Shed, we recommend that you wipe down with a diluted bleach solution as soon as this is visible.

If you do experience any issues, please get in touch, as we will always try to resolve these for you.

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