Building on a Sound Foundation

Solid Foundations

Our premium quality specification includes:

Your Beautiful Shed comes with a solid floor as a standard that is made with 18mm Top Quality Marine grade plywood to British Standard 1088. A coat of ** LifeTime® Wood Treatment is used to provide an extra level of protection. The plywood is fixed to bearers 150mmx100mm that are vacuum/pressure treated with TANALITH preservative to comply with Treatment Code TE/GFb for in ground contact to provide a 15 year service life. Following treatment, any areas of treated timber revealed by cross cuts, holes, notches are also brushed liberally with an end-grain preservative treatment.

You will need to provide a level, flat surface for us to install your shed on. This can be a concrete pad, gravel or compacted stone for instance and should be slightly larger than the base of your shed.

** LifeTime® Wood Treatment is supplied by Valhalla Wood Preservatives and has a long history of use in Canada but is now available in the UK. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Independent laboratory testing confirms that LifeTime® Wood treatment creates no harmful residue in soil or water. The ingredients are a closely guarded family secret but they are known consist of naturally occurring plant and mineral substances that penetrate the wood fibres to provide long lasting protection.

Star Quality Materials and Craftmanship


Building on a Sound Foundation


Planed & Sanded Redwood


Slate or Cedar Shingles


Let the light in but not the rain

Door Security

Secure and weather tight